ゲーム作成用のオーサリングツール:MMF2とその機能などを紹介していたサイトです。2013年12月以降は新製品である Clickteam Fusion 2.5が発売されたため、ブログも含めCF2.5へ移行しました。MMF2関連ブログとして主要な記事は残りますが、MMF2と関連性のある新規記事追加は無くなります。開設以来多くのアクセス、誠にありがとうございました。

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News posted 14th December, 2011 by Rikus 100 Comments
Hey folks, after some heavy thinking and the current situation I find myself in, I decided to quit the daily click. Some of you already saw it coming, but to make this official, I will transfer the create-games.com domain name to clickteam. More so that in years to come even if someone has good intentions now the domain will never fall into the wrong hands or is sold off to some xxx site. Clickteam can do with the domain what they see fit or make sense to them including making it apart of clickteam.com 

The admin team and clubsoft can decide if they want to create a new site under a new domain with the current tdc archive. I cannot control what they do with the current TDC site/code that is on our hosting provider that clubsoft has. It is up to them but it will not fall under create-games.com or myself. To point out how serious this is and that this will be the end of a 10+ year adventure with so many people, I will leave it up to clubsoft and the admin team to decide what they want to do with the current code and tdc archive after I leave since there is still lots of valuable info there for all clickers. Thanks to everyone that stuck around, whatever happens from this point with tdc I will not be a part of it, in any form, this might sound harsh but it will prevent me from coming back and that is alright with me. I love you all…. The End 

Ps. if you want clubsoft to continue on with a new site or a new domain or want him to keep a archive up of the current site be sure to send him any donations big or small to: mikepaypal@cs.vg to help him out.


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