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Animation timing - Clickteam

Animation timing – Clickteam.




Animation timing

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Hi all,
Could anyone tell me how the animation speed relates to the FPS? 

If I have a game set at 30fps with 60fps based timing, which animation speeds will give me a set amount of game-frames per animation frame?


You can see in this game, when the main character turns, the first walk frame (the turning ‘smear’ frame) sometimes lasts longer than others, I want to lock this to set timing (ie. 6, 10, 15 or 30 fps animation in a 30fps game).

Many thanks!

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The animation speeds are a percentage of the framerate. Animation Speed 50 and frame rate 60 means it will go 30 frames every second.

As for the first frame length, it is a bug in MMF2 (I think) that has yet to be fixed.

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