Hello everyone,

I wanted to let all interested folks know that I have published XLua and all related sub-projects as an open source project. It is available at https://github.com/jaquadro/XLua

I’ve reached a point where it is unlikely I will continue any heavy development on this project, although at this time I am still fully committed to supporting the core extension with bugfixes. There’s a couple reasons for this. The first is that I’ve drifted away from Click as a platform, so there’s little incentive to keep working on it (although this project has been an amazing experience for me, both personally and professionally). The second reason is that XLua is stable and mature, and there really isn’t a lot that needs improvement.

I’m posting this project to strengthen my promise that it will not just become another abandoned, deprecated plugin, even if I completely disappear. I also hope that the code, which encompasses a couple years of research and experimentation with MMF’s core, will be useful to other extension developers. If anyone is interested in contributing changes to XLua or one of its sub-projects, I highly encourage it and I’d love to hear from you.

A brief overview of what’s included:

The core XLua extension. The internal editor is one area that may benefit from improvements.

A port to the Java (non-mobile) runtime I started some time ago. It’s almost totally complete, but suffers from a bug related to immediate events. I think someone close to the Java runtime would need to look at this. Please talk to me if you are such a person and are interested in seeing this finished.

The loadable MMF-Interface which exposes direct access to many parts of MMF’s internal object state, and is responsible for the huge speed increases obtainable. This is a place to look if you want to dig into mmfs2.dll in ways that are probably frowned upon. This project would benefit greatly from someone experienced with the HWA runtime (both exposing HWA features, and fixing pieces that just don’t work in HWA).

This is the heavily modified copy of LuaGL for XLua. Only part (albeit a large part) of the OpenGL API is exposed, so someone could come along and continue fleshing that out.

This was an experimental helper extension for exposing direct CSurface drawing in Lua code. Development ended up colliding with the Surface extension, so I haven’t really done much with it. It’s here for completeness.