Category: GML/Built-In 変数



global:  argument
global:  argument_count

global:  argument0
global:  argument1
global:  argument2
global:  argument3
global:  argument4
global:  argument5
global:  argument6
global:  argument7
global:  argument8
global:  argument9
global:  argument10
global:  argument11
global:  argument12
global:  argument13
global:  argument14
global:  argument15

global:  argument_relative
* It's only useful for library builder (developing some custom Action libraries for GameMaker Studio) actually. It's there so a library function can check if argument_relative is true or false. This corresponds to you clicking the "relative" button when using drag&drop.


global:  background_alpha
global:  background_blend
global:  background_color
global:  background_colour
global:  background_foreground
global:  background_height
global:  background_hspeed
global:  background_htiled
global:  background_index
global:  background_showcolor
global:  background_showcolour
global:  background_visible
global:  background_vspeed
global:  background_vtiled
global:  background_width
global:  background_x
global:  background_xscale
global:  background_y
global:  background_yscale


global:  browser_height
global:  browser_width


global:  current_time
※ 1. OS が起動してから経過した時間(milliseconds 単位)
※ 2. アプリケーションが起動してからの時間を計測する場合は get_timer();関数を利用

global:  current_day
global:  current_hour
global:  current_minute
global:  current_month
global:  current_second
global:  current_weekday
global:  current_year


global:  event_action
global:  event_number
global:  event_object
global:  event_type


read-only variables
global:  fps    *the number of game steps (Not the room_speed)
global:  fps_real    *the number of CPU steps


global:  game_display_name
global:  game_id
global:  game_project_name
global:  game_save_id


global:  application_surface
global:  async_load
global:  cursor_sprite
global:  debug_mode
global:  delta_time
global:  display_aa
global:  health
global:  iap_data
global:  lives
global:  program_directory
global:  score
global:  temp_directory
global:  undefined
global:  webgl_enabled *for HTML5/読み取り専用 ( Boolean )
global:  working_directory


global:  instance_count
global:  instance_id


global:  keyboard_key
global:  keyboard_lastchar
global:  keyboard_lastkey
global:  keyboard_string


global:  mouse_button
global:  mouse_lastbutton
global:  mouse_x
global:  mouse_y


global:  os_browser
global:  os_device
global:  os_type
global:  os_version


global:  pointer_invalid
global:  pointer_null


global:  room
global:  room_caption
global:  room_first
global:  room_height
global:  room_last
global:  room_persistent
global:  room_speed
global:  room_width


global:  transition_color
global:  transition_kind
global:  transition_steps


global:  view_current
global:  view_enabled
global:  view_visible
global:  view_object

global:  view_xview
global:  view_yview
global:  view_wview
global:  view_hview

global:  view_xport
global:  view_yport
global:  view_wport
global:  view_hport

global:  view_angle

global:  view_hborder
global:  view_vborder

global:  view_hspeed
global:  view_vspeed

global:  view_surface_id



instance:   alarm
instance:   depth
instance:   id
instance:   mask_index
instance:   object_index ※ Read Only
instance:   visible

instance:   persistent
instance:   solid

instance:   direction
instance:   speed
instance:   vspeed
instance:   hspeed

instance:   gravity
instance:   gravity_direction
instance:   friction

instance:   x
instance:   xprevious
instance:   xstart
instance:   y
instance:   yprevious
instance:   ystart

Bbox (Bounding Box)

* read only
instance:   bbox_top
instance:   bbox_left
instance:   bbox_right
instance:   bbox_bottom


instance:   image_alpha
*On the HTML5 and Windows8 (JavaScript) platforms, this variable is not clamped.

instance:   image_angle
instance:   image_blend
*Please note that you should try to limit blending on the Windows 8 (JavaScript) or HTML5 platforms (unless using WebGL).

instance:   image_index
instance:   image_number

instance:   image_single //廃止/非推奨

instance:   image_speed
*A value of 0 will cause no cycling, while a value of 1 will cycle one image per step, but you are not limited to this range as you can use values greater than 1 to animate faster (frames will be skipped), decimal values to animate slower (frames will be shown over various steps) or even negative values to reverse the speed of the animation.

instance:   image_xscale    
*A scale of 1 indicates no scaling (1:1), smaller values will scale down (0.5, for example, will half the width of the sprite), larger values will scale up and negative values will flip the sprite and scale it unless the value used is exactly -1 (in which case the sprite is just flipped about its origin with no scaling).

instance:   image_yscale


instance:   path_endaction
instance:   path_index
instance:   path_orientation
instance:   path_position
instance:   path_positionprevious
instance:   path_scale
instance:   path_speed


instance:   phy_active
instance:   phy_angular_damping
instance:   phy_angular_velocity
instance:   phy_bullet
instance:   phy_col_normal_x
instance:   phy_col_normal_y
instance:   phy_collision_points
instance:   phy_collision_x
instance:   phy_collision_y
instance:   phy_com_x
instance:   phy_com_y
instance:   phy_dynamic
instance:   phy_fixed_rotation
instance:   phy_inertia
instance:   phy_kinematic
instance:   phy_linear_damping
instance:   phy_linear_velocity_x
instance:   phy_linear_velocity_y
instance:   phy_mass
instance:   phy_position_x
instance:   phy_position_xprevious
instance:   phy_position_y
instance:   phy_position_yprevious
instance:   phy_rotation
instance:   phy_sleeping
instance:   phy_speed
instance:   phy_speed_x
instance:   phy_speed_y


instance:   sprite_height
instance:   sprite_index
instance:   sprite_width
instance:   sprite_xoffset
instance:   sprite_yoffset


instance:   timeline_index
instance:   timeline_loop
instance:   timeline_position
instance:   timeline_running
instance:   timeline_speed

Obsolete Variables *廃止された変数

* Obsolete Message Functions These are Windows only functions and no longer applicable to any other device, especially since most of them block the runner to show the message boxes. global: caption_health global: caption_lives global: caption_score global: error_last global: error_occurred global: gamemaker_pro global: gamemaker_registered global: gamemaker_version global: secure_mode global: show_health global: show_lives global: show_score